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One more than most.
One more than most indeed. Don't you think I look a lot like Colin Farrell?





The Man, The Myth and The Ugly Gossip

I met him on a cold August afternoon. It was like band camp, only worse, it was band camp. I can't remember ever enjoying girls wearing shorts with their names on thier ass more, or loving life less. Regardless, it was in that glorious tribulation that I first met the man some call Mike. He was pretty much the same. Maybe not so commanding. He wasn't married either. But he still suffered from the ravages of alcohol, alchohol, booze poisoning that plagues a mighty binge drinker or social vommiter, vomitter. And he's a man that dont care bout spellin niether. What a guy. Shit, if I count the number of times vans full of lesbians almost hooked up with us, well it would be 1. But that's one more than most men, and that's what I'm relatin'. Mike is one more than most men. He's got a nipple to prove it. Name Big L.

Party in BFE or is it Castrop-Rauxel?
This man is about to kick the ass of a queer looking individual for wearing his shirt.
A queer looking individual.