The Guys/Timeline

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2007, A real Warnock of a year

2006, What's a Quinceañera?

2005, But wait, these Superpowers seem so useful

This isn't false happiness. Louie?


2003, This year never Iraq...err, happened

These bumperstickers basically wrote themselves


How far can a Corvette take a man? Oh how the fests fly by.


Roger's street, the saffron saga. Description



1998, This year never wedding...err, happened

1997, Ramblin' Across the Nation (insert here a picture of...)

1996, Kettle versus Shoneys? This was also the year Clay met Uncle Jack

1995, Is this the year the Louis and Hicklin lived together or what I like to call The Mistake

1994, Houston, Sam Houston, Denver, New York - here we come!

1993, Die Belestungmannschaft (die!)

HS grads and liquor, a mock-storm-party


1991, The unpressive creation: "Here catch!"

Revisionist History: this event, here-to-for referred to as The Beginning may have been Hicklin ripping Louis' rugby shirt. I remembered it as the moment where Louis was tossed the Mustard Bottle. You know, the gag that had a yellow string in the bottle that came out when the bottle was squeezed; its a classic, akin to whoopee cushions and spraying passers-by with windshield washer fluid from the 'Tro.