The Guys

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The Guys, a.k.a. Los Tipos

Five American and/or Cajun males born between 1974 and 1975 of disparate backgrounds who grew up at least partially in San Marcos, Texas, graduating from San Marcos High School between 1992 and 1993 and still having found no purpose, continue to cling together like fire ants floating in rain water. Very few individuals understand this eclectic group; even fewer care to understand them. In fact, they might not understand themselves how they've created a monster that must now be eternally fed. Like Big Bertha at Mr. Gatti's, this monster has an endless appetite, and will scream to be fed: "feed me; feed me; I'm hungry...I only weigh 500 pounds!!!"



Folk Songs



The Early Years

Enigmatic Images

Bylaws in draft since 9 August, 2001

The Later Years

To a Guy, the worst photo ever taken
Marked by sporadic reunions
Defined by not speaking of the Glory Days
Marred by creating websites to relive those same Glory Days nobody speaks of
Vain attempts to become adults
Constantly searching for Lifetime Membership to Talk of the Town card
Self-lubrication through strict diets of booze and drugs
Variety of crappy haircuts and facial hair decisions
Penchant for travel
Moderate success

Classic Esoterum

The discussion board that inspired a generation! -Now fully transposed and great for the coffee table.
Great Names
Useless Superpowers
Rules of Life