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March 17, 2007

  • Hollywood Alley; Mesa, AZ
The Love Me Nots: 4 head rating.jpg
Yes these hot chicks bring it
Emergence: 3 head rating.jpg
Lead singer was amazing and lead guitarist was good but you can ignore the saxophonist (yikes)

-Reviewed by Flanagan

_____, 2007

  • Fillmore Theatre: Denver, CO
Wolfmother: 2 head rating.jpg
These guys rocked 1/2 the time, the other 1/2 of the time they were "White Unicorn"
Definition: White Unicorn is the song that started with the lead singer talking about himself for 2 minutes, then he had a crappy guitar solo while playing (poorly) the keyboard. At that point I left to smoke a cigarette, use the bathroom, and get a beer. By the time I got back the lead singer was still screaming "Whiiiiiiiiiite Uuuuuuunnnniiiicoooooorn...

-Reviewed by Flanagan

July 31, 2007

  • Boulder Theatre; Boulder, CO
Femi Kuti: 4 head rating.jpg
-15 person band, including 3 "backup singers" who shook their asses so hard that I thought they were going to fly off into the balcony
-Femi plays the sax with the best circular breathing technique you'll ever see
-These guys are a must see for under $30

-Reviewed by Flanagan

July 18, 2008

  • nTelos Wireless Center; Portsmouth, VA
Foreigner 3 head rating.jpg
stood outside and listened for free (good)
opened for Bryan Adams (bad)
played all the hits (good)
"This dog taught me how to love" (good)

-Reviewed by Flanagan