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Its not my place to edit another Guy's page, but The Vanilla Nymph needs to get going here.--Flan 10:48, 22 May 2006 (CDT)

Why do you keep returning to this page; do you think I'm cute?

"Too much on plate right now," he commented with a shake of his head. But for B A Hicklin (not to be confused with pop culture phenomenon of Mr T's affectionately ass-kicking role of B A (bad ass) Barakas) or Ben to his friends, the hectic schedule is full of academic advances such as footnote metioning propulgation, conference paper deliverance and inputting to the world's foremost leading historians.

"The image has a definite Robert Palmer feel to it," he suggests.

This do-it-all man does have his cryptonite. "If only I had Flan's annoying ability to remember numbers." He explained further why this poses a problem "Hmmm, I will kill Flanagan, I find myself unsure as to when, exactly."

Although the interview was short, his gentle magnitude and sublime intellectual dandiness has earned him a reputation as a solid ne'er-do-well and historical tour de force. Concerning his role as a "forever friend" Hicklin recounted it can be traced to a particular genesis, "the day I ripped the foam button off of Louis' rugby shirt, perhaps we allude to that in some manner."