Fun Euphemisms

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  • dutch: An obvious synonym for weird.
e.g. "Shmoke and a pancake? ...I'm Dutch, isn't that dutch?"
  • monkey lunch: A fun way to refer to a person's face, a favorite treat among angry escaped monkeys and apes.
e.g. "Shut the hell up before I punch you in your fat stupid monkey lunch!"
  • peanuts and cake town: An endearing reference to Atlantic City, NJ. A city overflowing with peanu's and cak' .
e.g. "Peanuts and cake town? What a dirty stinking sausage fest!"
  • [strong like] cock of Rasputin: Technically not a euphemism, as it is a direct reference to Rasputin's genitalia, but a valuable phrase when one wishes to emphasize strength and is capable of mustering at least a mildly convincing Russian accent.
e.g. "My horse has kick strong like cock of Rasputin! He has also cock like cock of Rasputin! He has also balls like cock of Rasputin! He has also smell like cock of Rasputin! Ou-eh!!!
  • take it to the bridge: Used when a band is playing a song that is sooo bad it needs to be over immediately; this song is typically off their new album. Syn: white unicorn
  • off my new album: Used in reference to something you said that does not quite come out correctly, typically used right after you say a joke that flops.
Synonyms: 'new material,' 'still being fleshed-out,' 'I'm working on that,' and 'apparently that's not ready for prime time.'
  • Castrop-Rauxel: the German equivalent of going to BFE or the middle of nowhere (this is where Jeff and Steffi Courchene got married)
Note: told to me by a person from Berlin
  • sugar?: what you say when you have no idea what the person you're talking to is talking about
e.g. "Can I have some sugar for my tea?" sugar?
  • Ammonia Little Boy: Knock, Knock. Who's there? (creeeeeeeepyyyyyy....) I have no idea what this phrase means, how to use it, what would be a euphemism for it, or why someone would write it, utter it, or add it to a website.
e.g. never, ever use this phrase ever
  • the Chicken of Dawn clucks with the coming of light: used as a warning when alerting friends to stop doing whatever the hell it is that they are doing because someone of authority approaches