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Philia (φιλία) as an ancient Greek word for love refers to brotherly love, including friendship and affection. This contrast to the ancient Greek terms Eros, or sexual/romantic love, and agapē, or detached, spiritual love. English usage differs in some cases from the etymological use, and several of these words refer in English not to brotherly love but to sexual attraction.

Philia has also been defined as an intentional response to promote well-being when working in coöperation with others

Therefore anyone who has Esoterumphilia is experiencing intense mental stimulation to the cooperative nature inherent in the creative process.

Symptoms may include:

  • spontaneous emotional ejaculations
  • chuckling out loud at yourself about what you've just done
  • intense spells of cleverness
  • speaking in tongues
  • speaking of cow tongues
  • wondering: "What the hell was I/were we thinking?"
  • desire to grab, hold, and throw clumps of fire ant beds
  • a gnawing sensation in your 'gnawer'
  • feelings of "it's my turn"
  • coinage, specie confusion
  • you're hungry, but you don't know why