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I am Cajun, and Creole is NOT Cajun. Creoles are black and spanish and assorted hodgepodge. Cajuns are simply idiot french who decided to stop in the swamp instead of sailing a few more days in any direction.

All Eso-Heads are asked to voluntarily submit the following mandated form for filing with the Department of Esoterum Anti-Esoterrorist Activities. I, _____________________, born on _________________, hereby acknowledge that NAME BIG L is my supreme Esoterum magnate and that I will in no wise disrespect nor deny his absolute authority in all things Eso. I further understand that any refusal on my part to acknowledge such or any behavior contrary to the above will indicate myself as an Esoterrorist and that I will be labelled and prosecuted as such. Signature____________________________. ESOTERUM ADMINISTRATIVE FORM 81932-Q

Following are some early morning attempts at humor. A fine collection of celebrated Arab humor in bumper sticker form.

  1. Got Oil?
  2. Gaza Strip or Bust
  3. I (heart) Mecca
  4. Gore/Lieberman '02
  5. My Other Car is a Camel
  6. Ask Me About Microwaving Infidels For Fun And Profit
  7. Everybody Is Somebody In Quwait
  8. My Dictator Is Sadam Hussein
  9. Visualize World Oppression
  10. WWMD (What Would Mohammed Do)